What does a responsive website mean?

A responsive website or ‘responsive web design’ allows the screen to adjust to provide an optimal user experience whether on desktop, mobile or tablet. More >

How to increase the conversion rate on your website

There are lots of different ways to increase conversions on your website. A conversion could be getting your customer to buy a product online, complete an application or leave their contact details. More >

How to choose the right colours for your website

As branding consultants, people always ask us what colours to use for their website. The psychology of colours plays a huge role in the user experience. When someone comes to your website, the colours can bring about different feelings and emotions and it can be the difference between someone abandoning your site or successfully making a purchase or an enquiry. More >



SEO or PPC – which should I use?

So you’ve just had a beautiful site built for you by Graphical and now your priority is generating traffic to your website. More >



How to use Link building to rank your website higher on search engines

One of the essential things for any website is getting traffic. So it’s no wonder that websites all over the world are engaging in ‘search engine optimisation’ – the practice of optimising a website to rank high on search engines More >

10 Steps to Delivering Confident, Compelling Presentations

You may be pleased to know that Winston Churchill and Warren Buffett were both scared of public speaking. But, they both overcame their fears to become impressive speakers and presenters. More >


When it comes to search engines, 90% of UK internet users prefer Google with the rest logging on to Bing, Yahoo and MSN to handle queries. More >

Why do we use WordPress?

Because for the right site, it is THE perfect platform More >

CP+ launch new brand and website

CP+ are one of the United Kingdom's leading car park and facilities management businesses. More >

Graphical talk branding on the BBC

Further to last week's news stories discussing the accessibility of Parliament's portcullis logo, Graphical director Simon Shulman was asked to appear on the BBC last Friday night. More >
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